A Web Directory is a website that provides its visitors with various categories of websites which are linked to from the directory. The main idea of a web directory is to provide a one-stop resource to help visitors to find what they are looking for with ease. Webmasters also benefit by getting more exposure for their website.


There is a lot of different countries and cultures that utilize the World Wide Web and Europe. Therefore, we need Regional Websites when we search for European related information or at a specific European Language. This has pushed webmasters to create websites directed towards a certain country of Europe. Regional websites are growing in numbers daily. In this Web Directory you will find websites directed towards particular countries of Europe Region.
Language is an issue on IOZOO.
The European Union (EU) alone has 20 official languages.
With the european countries outside the EU, there are more than double as many languages.

The official language of IOZOO is english
In the country categories, sites can be listed in english and in the local language.
The categories name however, are only in english.

Third level categories may be different from country to country, due to local conditions.

IOZOO is not just a business directory
Non-commercial websites, personal websites, and websites
that can be of general interest to europeans, are listed aswell.
Non-european sites are not listed in the county categories, they are only listed in
(See also "Terms of Service", when submitting links)

IOZOO it was originaly a project by two danish webdesigners/webmasters
with great help from people (editors) around Europe.

IOZOO started around june 2005.
By june 2006, more than 25000 sites had been submitted and reviewed.
About 6000 had been listed. 

From July 2008 and with the great help of the editorial team
we are trying to rebuilt this valuable resource.

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If you have suggestions for categories or other changes
please send an email from the contact page.

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