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There is a lot of different countries and cultures that utilize the World Wide Web and Europe. Therefore, we need Regional Websites when we search for European related information or at a specific European Language. This has pushed webmasters to create websites directed towards a certain country of Europe. Regional websites are growing in numbers daily. In this Web Directory you will find websites directed towards particular countries of Europe Region.

Iozoo Web Directory Russia


Russia is a large country on the European continent which is comprised of 83 different federal subjects. Its territory encompasses a large portion of Northern Eurasia. It is designated as a transcontinental country due to its wide expanse across both Europe and Asia. The country is bored by many different smaller countries, many of which have claimed independence over the last fifty years. Russia is the largest country in the entire world in area, and the ninth largest based on population. An eighth of the world’s land mass can be accounted for by Russia alone.

Russia has a great amount of energy and mineral resources, and therefore, is an energy superpower. The freshwater lakes within the country accounts for 1/4th of the world’s freshwater resources. Likewise, the country boasts the largest forest area in the world..

The history of Russia can be dated back to the beginning of civilization through archaeological findings. However, the recorded history of the territory begins with the civilizations of the East Slavs, who became a recognizable society somewhere between the 3rd and 8th centuries. History claims that the area was inhabited, ruled, and founded by the Vikings. Since that time, the country has been ruled and claimed by various peoples and empires. Today the country is ruled by the Russian Federation. It retains membership in various international and political organizations.

Russian Web

In Russia, Russian based internet sites are called Runet (a short for Russian internet) and internet within Russia is surprisingly advance and popular for a large country such as Russia. With a total of internet users reaching an approximate of around 50% of its population, Russia is a well grown country in terms of internet advancement. Internet in Russia falls mainly in three major category; mass-usage (universities, schools and colleges), art and sports. Though Russia is rich with culture and multiple interests, it still focuses well on these three major aspects in the internet world. Mass-usage refers to online live-streaming for education and other facilities such as online discussion, conferencing and VoIP (Voice over internet protocol). Education plays a key role in this sector of the internet as most foreign sites are not accessible due to certain censorship laws placed by the government. Students are a majority in the internet society of Russia. A good example of a university with multiple site and search keywords within the internet is the Helsinki University. Another area of common interest is the promotion of arts (musical and visual) and sports. Known for artists such as Tchaikovsky, Leo Tolstroy and Andrei Bely, the promotion of such culture via web is now a growing industry as museums are supplied with internet and webmasters. Sports also play an important role within the Russian internet community. Live sports coverage, streaming and newsletter is readily available in sites with Russian translation.


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