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There is a lot of different countries and cultures that utilize the World Wide Web and Europe. Therefore, we need Regional Websites when we search for European related information or at a specific European Language. This has pushed webmasters to create websites directed towards a certain country of Europe. Regional websites are growing in numbers daily. In this Web Directory you will find websites directed towards particular countries of Europe Region.
Iozoo Web Directory France


France, which is also known as the French Republic, is a territory which includes small islands overseas, territories within other continents other than Europe, and whose primary metropolitan area is located within the Western portion of Europe. The metropolitan area of France comprises area from the North Sea and English Channel to the Mediterranean Sea, and from the Atlantic Ocean to the Rhine. Residence of France refer to the metropolitan area as "The Hexagon", or L’Hexagone, primarily because of its shape. The country is a semi-presidential, unitary republic. Its centralized theme is the rights of citizens and of the individual man.

The country of France is the most popular tourist destination, with an average of 82 million visitors each year. The French economy is also the eighth largest worldwide. As a member of the European Union, the Francophonie, the United Nations, NATO, the United Nations Security Council, the Latin Union, and the G8, France is a world leader in political, economical, and environmental arenas.
French Web

France has a population of 62,150,775 as per data of 2007, out of which the number of web users is 40,128,178 as per data of December 2008 amounting to a web user base of 64.6% of the aggregate population of the country. As per data of November 2008 France had 15,550,000 internet broadband connections. Apart from Google, window live, MSN, Youtube and Yahoo, the popular sites of France includes Skyrock.com being the second most popular web site and Facebook.com being the third most popular web site, both Skyrock and Facebook belonging to the social networking group of web sites. Other popular web sites being Orange.fr, free.fr, leboncoin.fr and dailymotion.com. Orange.fr being online shopping cum news cum e-commerce web site. Free.fr is a communication web site dealing in internet, telephone and television services provider. Dailymotion.com is on demand video publishing and sharing web site. Leboncoin.fr is also a business to customer (B2C) and customer to customer (C2C) online business portal. Commentcamarche.net, priceminister.com are the other two popular online retailing and C2C web sites figuring into the top twenty most browsed web site of France. Apart from above Wikipedia, eBay France, AOL etc. are also frequently used. In wake of the above stats, it is quite evident that the web usages in France revolves basically in social networking industry, web and video streaming web sites and online retail business consisting of B2C and C2C online portals, apart from the regular mail web providers and various search engines fulfilling the basic surfing needs of the web users.


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